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Debra Circle at First Presbyterian Church of Farmington MI

Debra Circle discusses each lesson. One person takes notes and writes a confession which is OK'd by the whole circle. Our second confession follows.
Confessing the Beatitudes Lesson 2: Greatly Honored Are the Mourners!
When we take time to notice the great beauty and diversity of the natural world at peace, on our walks in our daily lives, we are awed into reverence for God. We are comforted by the beauty and diversity and by the belief that God is always with us in our lives—that God’s presence never leaves us even when we experience loss of ones we love, loss of our own health, loss of senses, or other loses over which we mourn, weep and grieve.
We confess that styles of mourning, weeping and grieving are influenced by cultures, which are also diverse. We confess we do not always understand, or sometimes even sympathize with, the many diverse cultures of humanity and their traditions of showing mourning—but we know we must if humanity is to survive.
Through God’s grace, we live in a world that is farther along than ever before in coming to understand our human diversities. We confess that we are baffled by what to do about the still-existent malnutrition, stereotyping, terrorist threats, and shameful accepting of profits and bonuses with blindness to how these were obtained. We confess we can begin by putting these conditions before God in our prayers with confidence that God ultimately governs in the affairs of humanity.

Brenda Hendricks

This was a wonderful Confession that you have written. I live in a Retirement Community in Fl. and I have become so comfortable to our lifestyle that I have not wanted to know of the outside problems in our community,Country and World. I pray that God forgives me for this blindness on my part. My confession is to be aware of the community, Country and the Worlds needs and to pray for the mourners and to ask God to give me a way to enrich as many lives as I can.

Abbie Watters

1.I believe God honors the poor and destitute in the world, and will not forget the injustices of the rich when they make the lives of the poor even worse.
2.I believe God honors those who mourn, calling my attention to the injustices and ills of my society, my country, and my world. This merciful God is comforting the mourners, and will deal harshly with those who mock them.
3.I see, in the Faithful Budget campaign, an attempt to influence our government to remember the needs of the least, the last, and the lost in this country and around the world.
4.I see, in the Occupy movement, a broad spectrum of society, mourning the loss of justice, equality, and hope, as the rich grow ever richer, and the poor are mocked and put down.
5.I understand that I have not always given sacrificially to the poor, both in my community and throughout the world.
6.I know I own stock in some of the big corporations through my IRA and mutual funds. I help support the banks and corporations who, after taking public funds, have NOT dealt fairly or honorably with their customers and the public at large.
7.In order to live faithfully, I will increase my donations of food and goods to the local food bank, and to the outreach closet at the church. I will send e-mails and make phone calls to my representatives in the government to protest any attempt to balance the budget on the backs of the poor, both in our country and around the world.
8.I will begin the process of removing my money from the largest and most predatory banks, and will make a conscious effort to purchase goods from smaller, local firms who do not engage in exploitative manufacturing. I will spread the word about movements for justice, and I will refrain from poking fun at political figures on all sides.

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