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Bobbie McGarey

Hi hope this will work out as you have planned. Looking forward to getting started with the study. Thanks. Bobbie

Ashley Meyer

Hi Delores! How wonderful that you have had the opportunity to hear Margaret speak - she is incredible!
The blog is up and running and if you follow the link below, you should be able to see Margaret's post for Lesson One.
You can also look over to the right side of this page under the section titled "Archives" and click on the link for June 12, 2011 - June 18, 2011 and this will send you to her post on the Introduction. The link for July 31, 2011 - August 6, 2011 will send you to her post for Lesson One as well.
Hope this helps and let us know how it goes! Thanks so much for your enthusiasm!!!

Delores Lunceford,

I heard Dr. Aymer this summer. July is past and August is almost past. I want to read her blog, not just people saying there will be a blog. Tell me how to find her blog, please. I am mesmerized with her teaching and full of enthusiasm!


yay! can't wait to get this thing started! thanks steph!

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