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Rev. Rosemary Nabi

Dear Doreen
Hope you are still the Chair Creative Ministries .
When is your Creative Ministries Offering Committee going to meet to review applications for 2015 award?
We are among those who applied for support.
Best regards and God bless
In Christ,

Y Hileman

Rev. Nabi,

Doreen is no longer chair of the committee. I trust you have received your answer by now. If you have further questions, contact Cindy Goodman at 844.797.2872.

Best regards.

Y. Hileman


Dear Y. Hileman
I need clearances before we apply for a grant from PCUSA .Can you help me to talk to the PC(USA) staff member on the International Committee -Uganda?

Nalwoga Gladys

Dear Y. Hileman
What has made PCUSA Grant Committee fail completely to reply to applicants who are not successful?
It gives a bad impression to PCUSA.
Please behave as people from Church and reply to all.
Many applicants remain hopeful for years and many others think you just dumped their applications in dustbins without even reading them.
Hope you will put time to reply to all applicants. E-mail replies are quick and cheap.

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